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The city established the Calvinist College of Debrecen in The College became soon the most important cultural center of the whole country, where a great number of writers, scientists and politicians received their education. In the 18 th century the schools of Law and Theology were founded and although no separate Helminths chart of Medicine existed, physicians were also trained in the College.

The Faculty of Medicine is rooted in this spiritual heritage. The present day Debrecen is also famous for its schools and higher educational establishments. It was in the year of the millennium of Hungary's foundation when the establishment of a modern University was decided upon in Debrecen.

The University was officially inaugurated on October 23, and at that time consisted of four faculties: Arts, Science, Theology and Helminths chart. In the formerly independent universities of Debrecen formed the University of Debrecen, therefore today the Faculty of Medicine is part of the University of Debrecen.

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It has helminths chart departments of basic sciences and 25 clinical departments specializing helminths chart various fields e. Our hospitals serve as city hospitals for Debrecen therefore students may also obtain their clinical training here. The current number of students in the English Program exceeds The curriculum described in this Bulletin provides a firm background for a future physician.

Learning all these subjects requires highly motivated, helminths chart students. Please take your studies seriously, and enjoy the process of helminths chart a medical doctor.

helminths chart

In the past two decades both medical science and health care have entered a new era: the medical science of the 21 st century.

Molecular medicine is opening up and new possibilities are available for the diagnosis, prevention, prediction and treatment of the diseases. One can witness such a progress in helminths chart sciences that has never been seen before.

helminths chart

Modern attitudes in health care should be enforced in practice, including therapeutical approaches that consider the explanation and possible prevention of diseases, and attempt to comprehend and take the human personality into helminths chart. These approaches demand the application of the most modern techniques in all fields of the medical education. All curricula wish to meet the challenges of modern times and they embody some very basic values.

They are comprehensive; they take into consideration the whole human personality body and soul in its natural and social surroundings; helminths chart they are based upon the best European humanistic traditions.

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Moreover, all curricula prepare students for co-operation and teamwork. With respect to education, both students and teachers are inspired to acquire higher levels of professionalism, precision, and problem solving skills, helminths chart which the foundations helminths chart specialist training and independent medical practice can be built. This approach enables the assimilation of new scientific developments, facilitating further education and the continuous expansion of knowledge.

The interplay of these factors ensures the ability to understand and handle the changing demands of health care. With respect to research, the faculty members continuously acquire, internalize and subsume new knowledge, especially concerning the genesis, possible prevention and treatment of diseases.

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Moreover, new information aimed at improving, preserving and restoring the health of the society is also absorbed. The University of Debrecen is already internationally recognized in the fields of both basic and clinical research, and the clinicians and scientists of helminths chart University are determined to preserve this achievement.

With respect to therapeutic practice, the main objective is to provide high quality, effective, up to date and much devoted health care to all members of the society, showing an example for other medical institutions in Hungary. One of the primary tasks is to continuously improve the actual standards of the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures helminths chart techniques, and to establish regional or even nationwide protocols. With respect to serving the community, all faculty members wish to play a central role in shaping the policies of the health helminths chart both within the region and in Hungary.

They also want to ensure that sufficient number of medical doctors, dentists and other health care experts with university education is provided for the society. With respect to the development, all employees strive for reinforcing those helminths chart and skills of the lecturers, scientists, medical doctors, health care professionals, collaborators and students helminths chart are of vital importance in meeting the challenges of medical education, research and helminths chart of the 21st century.

These include humanity, empathy, social sensitivity, team-spirit, creativity, professionalism, independence, critical and innovative thinking, co-operation and management. The organizational structure, including the multi-faculty construction of the institution, is a constantly improving, colorful helminths chart environment, in which co-operation is manifest between the individual faculties and colleges, the various postgraduate programs as well as the molecular- and medical biology educations.

Debrecen is the traditional economic and cultural center of Eastern Hungary. The 17 th century was regarded as the golden age of the city because Debrecen became the mediator between the three parts of Hungary: the part under Turkish occupation, the Kingdom of Hungary and the Principality of Transylvania.

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For short periods of time, Debrecen served twice as the capital of Hungary. Nowadays, with its population of approximately helminths chart quarter of a million, it is the second largest city in Hungary. Debrecen is a unique city: although it has no mountains and rivers, its natural environment is helminths chart interesting. This is the authentic Hungarian Plain without any notable elevations, with unique flora and fauna, natural phenomena e.

The region is unmatched in Europe, no matter whether one considers its natural endowments or its historic and ethnographic traditions.

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Besides a number of cultural and tourist establishments, luxurious thermal baths and spas, Nagyerdő accommodates the University campus too.

The history of higher education in Debrecen goes back to the 16 th century when the College of the Reformed Church was established.

The University Medical School of Debrecen has its roots in this spiritual heritage. It was in the year of the millennium of the establishment of Hungary when the foundation of the present University was decided.

The educational activity at the University started inalthough the construction of the whole University szalagféreg egy helminths chart helminths chart only in In the Faculty of Medicine became a self-contained, independent Medical University for training medical doctors. The special training of dentists began in Inas part of a nationwide program, the University was given the rights to issue scientific qualifications and new Ph.

Several new programs e. Helminths chart Faculty of Public Health was established inwhile the Faculty of Dentistry was founded in The Faculty of Medicine celebrated the 90 th anniversary of its foundation in October with a highly successful international scientific conference. Students enrolled in the various programs e.

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The Helminths chart Government gives major priorities to the higher education of health sciences in its higher education policy. One of these priorities is to increase the ratio of college level training forms within the Hungarian higher education system.

The governmental policy wishes to implement conditions in which the whole health science education system is built vertically from the lowest post-secondary or certificate to the highest PhD-training levels. In fact, this governmental policy was the reason behind the establishment of the new Health Science Education Center within the Federation of Debrecen Universities DESZbased partially on the intellectual resources of the University of Debrecen.

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The new programs — with specialized training for paramedics — will help helminths chart correct the balance of the Hungarian labor-market that became rather unsettled in the past few decades. This kind of training required a new structure, a new administrative apparatus, and a suitable training center. The new residency programs were commenced in Admission requirements for Hungarian students are defined at national level, and they are applicable for every student wishing to be enrolled into the Medicine or Dentistry programs.

International students must pass an entrance exam in biology and depending on their preference in physics or chemistry. helminths chart

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International students study in English language. Entrance for certain courses of the Health College is also possible on the basis of a special evaluation scoring and an entrance interview.

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The syllabuses and classes of helminths chart courses correspond to European standards. The total number of contact hours in medical helminths chart is over 5, which can be divided into three main parts: basic theoretical training 1 st and 2nd yearpre-clinical subjects 3rd year and clinical subjects 4 th and 5th year followed by the internship 6 th year.

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The first two years of dentistry education are similar to the medicine program, but the former contains a basic dental training that is followed by a three-year-long pre-clinical and clinical training. Besides the medicine and dentistry programs, there are several other courses also available, including molecular biology.

The various Health College courses include more helminths chart more new curricula.

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The Medicine program delivered in English and intended for international students was commenced in ; whereas the Dentistry and Pharmacy programs for international students started in andrespectively. The curriculum of the English language Medicine program meets all the requirements prescribed by the European medical curriculum, which was outlined in by the Association of Medical Schools in Europe. Otherwise, the English language curriculum is identical with helminths chart Hungarian one.

The 6 th year of the curriculum is the internship that includes Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Neurology, and Psychiatry.

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The completion of these subjects helminths chart at least 47 weeks, although students are allowed to finish them within a 24month-long period. The successfully completed internship is followed by the Hungarian National Board Examination. Just like the rest of the courses, the internship is also identical in the Hungarian and English programs. A one-year-long premedical Basic Medicine course, which serves as a foundation helminths chart, is recommended for those applicants who do not possess sufficient knowledge in Biology, Physics and Chemistry after finishing high school.

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After graduation, several interesting topics are offered for PhD training, which lasts for three years. Special education for general practitioners has been recently started and a new system is in helminths chart now for the training of licensed physicians in Debrecen. Medical Activity at the Faculty of Medicine The Helminths chart of Medicine is not only the helminths chart largest medical school in Hungary, but it is also one of the largest Hungarian hospitals, consisting of 49 departments; including 18 different clinical departments with more than 1, beds.

It is not only the best-equipped institution in the area but it also represents the most important health care facility for the day-to-day medical care in its region. There are also close contacts between the University and other health care institutions, mainly but not exclusively in its closer region.

It is also of importance that the University of Debrecen has a particularly fruitful collaboration with the Nuclear Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Debrecen, allowing the coordination of all activities that involve the use of their cyclotron in conjunction with various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures helminths chart.